Palm oil mill Management and Consulting

                              AND TRAINING


Services for Palm oil Mills Worldwide


                        What we can do for you

Train your people from Managers to mill operators to achieve

maximum efficiency.

We will make training tailored for your mill

Audit your mill and recommend corrective action

Carryout a due diligence of your mill

Mill management advice

Mill modifications

New Mill Construction, including Design and complete

project management.

           OUR PEOPLE

We are a team of experienced consultants who have more than 80 years experience in various aspects of palm of milling. We have carried out many projects in Indonesia, Malaysia,

Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory coast, Philippines, Papua New Guinea.

Our Principle consultants Ir. Jatinder Sud and Ir. Ravi Menon are ready to train and provide consultancy services.

Our unoffical survey on the engineer's profieiency to operate  

Palm oil processing plant indicates that the engineers 

     have drifted away from the fundamentals in processing.

 We intend to fill the missing knowledge so that the millers can  perform at their best


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     We also welcome your views/articles on efficient and sustainable palm oil processing operation.   

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